Meghan Poh is a designer, illustrator, and animator working and studying in Singapore. Her diverse body of work reflects her enthusiasm for learning new storytelling tools and experimenting with styles. Currently, she is exploring the world of data visualisation, having previously traversed the realms of research, photography, comics, and traditional animation. She also organises community programme aimed at building people power in neighbourhoods.


Illustration in orange and black of a grandma in a rocking chair reminiscing over her photos
The grandma is so engrossed in her photos that she accidentally loses her balance and tips backwards, her slipper flying off in the process


A sticker sheet in orange, pink and green, of minimalist illustrations paired with data-related puns

Data Deep Dive

Data Design Illustration Research Writing
A saturated and colourful comic page of a pink creature with yellow hair speaking to another pink creature, before shapeshifting her body


Writing Illustration Design Comic
A looping gif of paper cutout animation, showing a pale hand from the clouds guiding a rabbit into a hole in exchange for a tooth, while a yellow and pink planet spins in the back

Tooth Fairy

Direction Animation Sound design
A shot of a photocopied and distorted image showing a man walking through a corridor, coloured over with white pastel

sleep early, good morning

Direction Animation Sound design
A replacement animation of a naibai vegetable being rolled out into a spring onion by a rolling pin, on a chopping board, in a kitchen

Misbehaving at home

Direction Animation